Here at PlayPaws we are proud to work with some of the best doggy behaviourists and dog trainers in the North West. Our trainers specialise in obedience, agility and one-to-one personal training with behavioural consultations.  We only use positive, reward-based training methods – that’s food, toys and praise when training as we believe punishing a dog does not get the best results.

The principle aim of dog training is to teach focus, control and to build confidence; it should be fun for both owners and dogs alike.  Dog training should be high on any dog owners list of priorities as it fulfils the health and well-being of their dog and prepares them for the busy world we live in.  It promotes levels of domestic obedience skills, reduces potential unwanted behaviours and increases the confidence levels of both dog and owner.

We only offer bespoke, one-on-one training sessions. This ensures owners learn more about the ethical and moral responsibilities of dog ownership and promotes the benefits that dogs can bring to peoples’ lives.  A variety of training methods are used here at PlayPaws including clicker training. All positive, humane methods of teaching the dog help them discover how to respond appropriately and build a stronger bond between dog and handler.  Obedience lessons are a good introduction to training for other activities and no dog is too old to learn.


Our Puppy Packages are aimed at puppies aged between 12 weeks and 1 year. It aims to socialise puppies with other dogs and people and raises awareness of responsible dog ownership. Alongside basic exercises, there will be play exercises to build the bond between client and their dog. We offer three separate packages that are tailor made to your needs, choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold. All will cover the basics of responsible dog ownership, focus, play, noise distraction, basic commands, handling, food manners and will mainly be carried out on lead.

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These packages cover basic commands like sit, down, recall,  stay and walking in a controlled manner on a lead. It also covers responsible dog ownership, handling and good manners. Distractions will be gradually introduced to help improve self-focus and prepare the client for a multitude of daily situations when out walking their dog. All exercises will be taught with a combination of on and off-lead.

As with the puppy packages, we offer Bronze, Silver and Gold and every training session is tailor made to best suit the training needs of you and your dog.

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  • Hello – controlled greeting

  • Cars – vehicle and road control exercises

  • Play exercises and added distractions on previous taught commands.

  • Scentwork – using your dog’s nose

  • Walkies – how to enjoy walks with your dog

  • Loose lead walking

  • Jump – how to stop your dog from jumping up

  • Massage – how to handle, care for and massage your dog

  • Quiet – stop nuisance barking

  • Canine communication

  • Doggy bad manners – dealing with misbehaving

…and many more


An extra behavioural consult can be required if your dog has some unwanted behaviours that are causing problems in a household. Most issues can be improved through our normal training packages, but occasionally more serious behaviours could need extra support. These behaviours could include reactivity or aggression to other dogs, people or things in the environment, house soiling or severe destructiveness.


To begin with we undertake a full Training Consultation with owners and dogs here at PlayPaws. From that initial assessment we produce a behavioural modification plan which includes detailed information on how to change the behaviour. Success is greatly enhanced with full owner/family participation and regularly practising of the behaviour modification. That’s why the behaviour modification plan will come with a set of 6 training sessions with the family members to ensure that your dog has the best chance possible of success.