Here at PlayPaws each member of our team is passionate about working with dogs and having an experienced, trustworthy and reliable team behind us is the key to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for our dogs. Our staff are individually handpicked for their love of dogs, professionalism and dedication to ensuring that every dog enjoys their fun and exciting day in a safe and controlled environment. All of the Team Paws staff are trained in canine behaviour, dog first-aid, dog pack dynamics and are all DBS checked.

Vicky Gray

Managing Director

After having a long and successful career in corporate medicine sales and marketing I was ready for a change.  After re-locating from East Anglia up to Lancashire 8 years ago we decided to get a dog and along came Henry our cocker spaniel, then a year later we got Holly another cocker spaniel.  Doggy daycare is a new industry here in the UK and I wanted  to work with dogs as they have been a passion of mine for many years, my favourite breeds of dogs are cocker spaniels and poodles.  PlayPaws was born in 2015 and to say I am loving it is an understatement.  I’ve done my canine behaviour qualifications locally at Myerscough college, canine first aid, kennel club bronze, silver and gold and am currently studying canine care and behaviour with the British College of Canine Studies.  My goal is to make PlayPaws into one of the best doggy daycare and training centres within the UK.

Helen Rafferty

Pack Leader

Helen has been with me right from the very beginning before we even had a building in which to create PlayPaws.  She has been around dogs her whole life and even delivered one of her dogs Suzy’s puppies a few years ago.  Helen is currently studying canine behaviour with the British College of Canine Studies, which she is finding really interesting.  She currently has her own dog, Mason who is a 10 year old Alsatian cross along with 4 cats and 1 chinchilla.

Jason Rafferty

Junior Pack Leader

Jason has been with us for over a year now and has started off on a voluntary basis.  He is a natural with the dogs and he has a firm but fair way of controlling the pack, the dogs all love him and he is gaining experience on a daily basis, he would like to become a dog trainer in the future.  His favourite breed of dog are boxers and he has a very close bond to many of our daycare dogs, his all time favourite is Steve the boxer.

At PlayPaws we have a high ratio of staff to dogs so you can be assured that your furry friend will get the very best of socialisation and obedience. Along with our trained pack leaders we also have many dog lovers who are volunteers, you may be a dog owner or maybe you currently don’t have a dog and miss the soft furry cuddles of a warm well socialised dog. All of our volunteers are trained in canine first aid, basic dog behaviour and are DBS checked. If you are interested in volunteering with us please just call us for a chat, then fill in the application form found here and we will welcome you with open paws into the pack.