A Lancashire man who’s battled a long list of illnesses over the past 12 months is back.

And he’s back at none other than Santa Paws.

It didn’t look good at all for Keith Hollin from Whalley in December 2016 – when he fell ill.

Daughter Vicky tells us it was touch and go;

“We were told a few days before Christmas that we would have to look at turning his machines off”.

Keith had a wealth of issues. He fell into a coma after viral encephalitis, but her dad didn’t give up – and neither did his wife Dorothy;

“She’s never doubted that he would come out. She always had the belief that he’d fight and make it through.

“Even when the doctors said it didn’t look good – we never gave up, and mum is delighted to have him home”.

And the one thing that got Keith through was knowing he wanted to be Santa Paws today.

He’s taking the role at Vicky’s business – Play Paws in Blackburn. He’ll be handing out gifts to the dogs – two years on since he was last able to do it.

Vicky tells us that her dad needed this, “He just needed something to grab onto, for him to cling onto that and use it as a motivator – it’s so special”.

The christmas party at Play Paws was a huge success and we are looking forward to our next christmas party where Santa Paws will be coming back.

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