Cheeky Dachshund Is A Master Thief And The Photos Are Adorable

So *that’s* where the remote went.

A mischievous pup has stolen hearts around the world due to his habit of stealing everyday objects from his owner.

The dachshund, named Flynn, likes to collect household items in his mouth and isn’t fussy about what they are.

 On Twitter his owner, Francesca Emmingham, 21, from Newcastle, revealed Flynn has taken the TV remote, candles and even a chopping board for this secret stash in the past.

The social media manager shared a series of photos from Flynn’s escapades online, along with the caption: “Who wants to see a thread of my dog stealing objects from around the house?”

 Her tweet was liked more than 49,000 times and looking at these adorable snaps, we can see why.

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