Can I meet the team and see the facilities before sending my dog?

Yes. Before taking you on as a client, you and your dog are welcome to visit PlayPaws so that you can see the facilities and see how things work and how happy the dogs are at the day care centre.  No dog will be allowed into the PlayPaws pack without having a thorough behavioural assessment beforehand, this is how we can ensure that our PlayPaws dogs are all well socialised and friendly.

Will my dog be supervised at all times?

Yes. Your dog will be under constant supervision by our team of experienced pack leaders and staff at PlayPaws, and will NEVER be left unattended.

What happens when it rains or is too cold for my dog to be outside?

The great thing about PlayPaws is the size of our centre. We have large indoor purpose designed areas so the dogs can run around all day tiring themselves out but keeping themselves clean, dry and warm enough at the same time.

Do I need to book in the same days each week?

Yes. There is a minimum booking of 1 day per week on an ongoing basis. This ideally needs to be the same day each week, however it is possible to add additional days as required.

I have a puppy, can he come to PlayPaws?

Yes. PlayPaws welcomes new puppies to our pack. We are the perfect environment for your puppy to grow and socialise. We accept puppies from as young as 12 weeks old or once they are out of their vaccination period. We have a special area – Puppy Paws – just for the little ones where they can learn, play and socialise correctly before moving out into the main doggy areas. We can also advise on all aspects of puppy care and training. Please get in touch to find out more.

What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog?

PlayPaws is extremely strict in only accepting social dogs. This ensures all of the dogs are happy in one another’s company, so it is unlikely your dog will not get on with another dog. In fact, the dogs usually form their own social groups with dogs at the centre who enjoy similar activities! However, sometimes as with people dogs may dislike another dog. In this situation we have a solution, due to the size of PlayPaws we have 3 entirely separate areas so we can just keep them apart.

Do you only accept well-trained dogs?

No. In fact, one of the reasons people choose PlayPaws is that we often help with training. Many owners will notice an improvement in their dog’s behaviour after attending PlayPaws. However; we only accept social dogs that have no history of aggression. If any type of aggression is seen whilst at PlayPaws the dog will be suspended or expelled.  All of the dogs that attend PlayPaws are given basic training during the day as a matter of course and this is included in the daily price.

What happens in an emergency?

We wouldn’t expect to be faced by any serious emergencies here at PlayPaws as safety is of paramount importance. However, occasionally they will happen. In any situation of illness or injury we will assess the situation and call you to discuss. If we can’t get hold of you or urgent medical attention is required, we will take your dog to your nominated veterinary practice or, depending on the circumstance, the nearest veterinary practice.

Can my dog stay at the Day Care Centre overnight?

No. Dogs cannot stay at PlayPaws overnight. However we are in the process of developing our own pet sitting or boarding service. Please get in touch to find out more.

Do you offer day care on the weekends and bank holidays?

No, at present PlayPaws only operates regularly from Monday-Friday 7.30am-6pm.

Do I have to bring my dog every day for the whole day?

Our customers and their dogs have varied needs and we are happy to accommodate them. So, you can bring your dog in on any schedule that works for you – from everyday of the week to one day per week. However, in order to guarantee your dogs place at PlayPaws we ask that you bring them in at least once per week and ideally on the same day of the week.

Don’t the dogs fight?

We are very strict about who we let into PlayPaws, and fully assess every new dog before allowing them to join the pack. If any aggression is seen whilst at PlayPaws the dog will be suspended or expelled and training with Vicky our behaviourist will be recommended. All our dogs get along remarkably well as dogs are very social creatures and, generally, love other dogs and people. However, dogs are animals and do occasionally get into fights, even dogs that normally play together very well. Our staff are very alert to that possibility and will generally stop a disagreement before it gets to the fight stage. One of the wonderful things about dogs is that they can have disagreements, and the next minute, be best friends again.

Do any of the dogs ever get hurt?

Again, dogs are animals, and, therefore, not completely predictable. Occasionally, there is an injury, most often the result of rough play. This is a little more difficult to monitor because we want them to play and have fun, but we do our best to slow things down if it looks like someone is getting too rough. The safety of all dogs in our care is always our primary focus and all our staff are trained to ensure that all our dogs are safe while they play.

Does my small dog have to play with the big dogs?

We often have a group of small dogs each day that play together in a special enclosed area. However, some of our small dogs prefer to play with the big ones. We do our best to accommodate each dog’s special needs and preferences. Due to our size we are fully able to split the dogs into separate packs each day.