PlayPaws is a unique social club, where every dog no matter what size, age or breed is welcome to apply. However, to ensure the safety and well being of all member dogs we require that all dogs meet a certain criteria before their application will be considered. The following conditions are for full daycare membership and not for puppies.

Your male dog must be neutered. Your female dog is not allowed into PlayPaws when in season.
Your dog must be fully up to date with all vaccinations and we must see evidence of this.
Your dog must be able to attend at least once every week ideally on the same day.
You must have owned your dog for at least 3 months.

To join PlayPaws we will arrange a suitable time for you to bring your dog into PlayPaws for half a day free of charge. We always provide a tailored induction to match his or her temperament so that we gain their trust and start to build their confidence straight away.

At the assessment we will be making notes of health, history, behaviour, habits, likes and dislikes and your vet’s information. Once your dog has gone through these steps then he/she will be welcomed into the pack by our trained staff and will become a full member of PlayPaws Doggy Daycare. By assessing the dogs in this way it then creates a very strong dynamic in the pack of dogs who know each other and are comfortable together. We will never accept a dog who we don’t know and who has not been to doggy daycare before.

All breeds of dogs are invited to be assessed and hopefully become members of PlayPaws. However, the following dogs are banned breeds as said by the Dangerous dogs act of 1997 and will not under any circumstances be allowed into PlayPaws.

Pit bull terrier
Japanese Tosa
Dogs Argentino
Fila Brassileiro


When buying a new puppy you have a lot to consider and one such thing is who will look after your puppy when you are out at work. Ideally a young puppy should not be left alone however, we do realise that this is not always possible. Puppy’s just like human babies need a lot of socialisation For Puppy Paws your puppy just needs to have had its inoculations usually around 12 weeks old so that your vet has cleared him/her for meeting other dogs, then just get in touch and follow the steps above.

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